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Eötvös University Student Chapter is in the top six
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Three geoscience students from the University of Houston and six AAPG Student Chapters were honored in Pittsburgh during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, as poster award winners and the Outstanding Student Chapter awards were announced.

The Student Chapter awards are sponsored by Schlumberger, which announced its contribution of five scholarships to the Outstanding Student Chapters Awards.

Two universities were selected as the 2013 AAPG Outstanding Student Chapter winners and four additional universities were awarded honorable mention student chapter scholarships.

The top Student Chapter awards went to:

  • The Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colo. (U.S.-based chapters) – $1,500.
  • The Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta (international chapter) – $1,500.

Honorable mention awards were given to:

  • The University of Utah, Salt Lake City ($750).
  • The Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang, Indonesia ($750)
  • Wichita State University, Wichita, Kan. ($250).
  • Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary ($250).

Individual student awards for best poster presentation at the Pittsburgh ACE went to:

  • First place: Bryan Ott, University of Houston ($2,000).
  • Second place: Luis Carlos Carvajal Arenas, University of Houston ($1,500).
  • Third place – Lucia Torrado, University of Houston ($1,000).
  • Fourth place – Oluwatobi Olobayo, University of Manchester, England ($500).

AAPG has 277 chapters worldwide. Student chapter requirements for selection of awards are maintenance of student AAPG memberships, active AAPG faculty sponsor, participation in the Geosciences Institute’s Earth Science Week or other scientific outreach programs, field trips, meetings and special community events, and the use of social media to promote their chapter.

“Schlumberger is committed to working with students and universities who continue to excel their geological programs,” said Maurice Nessim, president, PetroTechnical Services, Schlumberger. “This is our sixteenth year to sponsor the scholarships for the AAPG Outstanding Student Chapter Awards, and we are honored to support AAPG with its development programs aimed to promote academic and professional opportunities, specifically engaging students in the geosciences.”

after AAPG Explorer


On behalf of Eötvös Student Chapter, the award was taken by András Németh (MOL Plc., Hungary) in Pittsburgh, at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.


Denis Cox (AAPG Secretary) and Mike Mlynek (AAPG Asst. Manager Membership)



The Representatives of the Schlumberger



Vlasta Dvorakova (AAPG Europe Region President) and András Németh (MOL Plc.)



András Németh has given the Outstanding International Student Chapter Award to the Eötvös University Student Chapter in Budapest. From left to right: Attila Várkonyi (Head of the Publicity Committe), Attila Schlakker (Vice-President), János Csizmeg (President), András Németh (MOL Plc.)


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