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2013. 08. 19-25. Moesian-Carpathian hydrocarbon geology field trip by the Bucharest SC, Rumania
2013. 07. 29 - 08. 03. Southern Alps field trip by the Eötvös University SC, Italy
2013. 07. 07-12. European Student Chapter Leadership Days by the AAPG LaSalle Beauvais SC, Paris
2013. 06. 07. Demjén hydrocarbon geology field trip by the AAPG Miskolc SC, Eger & Demjén
2013. 05. 30. Discussion about the Neogene Pannonian basin, Eötvös University, Budapest
2013. 05. 08. Senior Professional Meeting, Eötvös University, Budapest
2013. 04. 25-28. 4th International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC), Berlin
2013. 04. 19. Visit the MOL wellsite in Tófej & the Museum of the Hungarian Petroleum Industry, Zalaegerszeg
2013. 04. 05-14. Short course by the AAPG Aberdeen University SC, Aberdeen
2013. 03. 21-23. AAPG Imperial Barrel Award 2013 - Europe Region, Prague
2013. 03. 25. EAGE Student Lecture Tours (Dr. Bjorn Wygrala & Dr. István Vető), Eötvös University, Budapest
2013. 02. 21. Meeting of the Mineral Resource Classification, Evaluation and Managment, Hungarian Geological & Geophysical Institute, Budapest
2013. 02. 05. MOL Danube Refinery Tour, Százhalombatta


2012.12.20. AAPG Christmas Party & Workshop
2012.12.07. 2nd Workshop on the Pannonian Basin
2012.11.16. NosztalGEO 2012 - changes in the Geological Opinion of the Great Hungarian Plain
2012.11.06. Tápióság Field Trip
2012.10.25. Budafa 3D Field Trip
2012.10.17. Young Professional Meeting
2012.09.27-29. Conference & Exhibition on Earth Sciences and Enviromental Protection, Miskolc, Hungary
2012.08.27-31. AAPG Budapest Education Week
2012.08.21-25 Transdanubin Central Range Field Trip
2012.05.14. Visit to the Malomsok-1 wellsite
2012.05.04. Opening of the South Atlantic Ocean lecturer: Péter Szatmári
2012.04.20. How to figure out Geophysical measurements in the field?
2012.03.31.-04.07. Petroleum Geology in the Heart of Industry - short  course (by Aberdeen University SC)
2012.03.27. My Source Rock is now My Shale-Gas Reservoir - Petrophysical Characterization of Organic-Rich Rocks. Lecturer: Quinn Passey
2012.03.23. Short course held by Paul Weimer
2012.03.15-17. AAPG Imperial Barrel Award 2012 - European Region Prague


2010.11.24. Lecture: Planning and implementation of exploration drillings, held by Árpád Őszi (MOL Nyrt)




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